Full Day Course POCUS - Focused transthoracic cardiac sonography (K13)

Wednesday, September 18, 2024, 08:30-17:15
Réunion annuelle 2024 de la SSMI, SwissTech Convention Center Lausanne

This full day course is offered as part of the SSMI Annual Meeting 2024. The target audience for this course is medical doctors.

Course lead
Dr. med. Christoph Ganter, Zürich

Additional instructors
Dr. med. Reto Etter, Biel
Prof. Dr. med. Miodrag Filipovic, St.Gallen
PD Dr. med. Caroline Gebhard, Basel
Dr. med. Gaël Gosteli, Neuenburg
Dr. med. Zied Ltaief, Lausanne


Greeting & Introduction

Technical principlas of sonography, Image setting, Probe maneuvers
Examination course TTE

Parasternal views: introduction and hands-on training on volunteers

Coffee break

Apical views: introduction and hands-on training on volunteers

Subxyphoidal views: introduction and hands-on training on volunteers

Lunch break

LV/RV function, LV/RV dimension, volume status, pericardial effusion

Hands-on training on volunteers

Coffee break

Valvular diseases

Hands-on training on volunteers

Echo quiz

Registration for the Full Day Course POCUS takes place online via the main SSMI Annual Meeting 2024 registration. There is a limit of 24 participants for this course.

Course fees:
CHF 500.- (until August 4, 2024) | CHF 600.- (after August 4, 2024) for SGI and/or IG-IMC members Doctors/Academics
CHF 750.- (until August 4, 2024) | CHF 900.- (after August 4, 2024) for non-SGI and non-IG-IMC members Doctors/Academics
CHF 400.- (until August 4, 2024) | CHF 500.- (after August 4, 2024) for SGI young members
CHF 650.- (until August 4, 2024) | CHF 800.- (after August 4, 2024) for non-member resident doctors

All participants of the full day course POCUS are invited to register for and participate in the Trainee Dinner, taking place on Wednesday, September 18, 2024 from 19:00.

Costs for the Trainee Dinner: CHF 30.-

Credits for the full day POCUS course will be applied for from the following societies:

  • Swiss Society of Intensive Medicine (SSIM)
  • Swiss Society for Anaesthesiology and Peroperative Medicine (SSAPM)
  • Swiss Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (SSUM)
  • Swiss Society of Emergency and Rescue Medicine (SSERM)